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The time it takes to get SSD appeals continues to increase

Despite an initiative to reduce wait times for SSD appeals to get disability benefits, reports say that the overall average wait time for people in Columbia, Missouri, and throughout the country has increased to a record 596 days, or about 1 year and eight months. Back in 2012, the wait time was slightly less than 1 year, that is, 353 days.

Representing victims of depression in SSD appeals

A previous post here discussed how residents of Columbia, Missouri, who suffer from severe depression can get Social Security Disability benefits under certain circumstances. However, that post also alluded to the fact that getting these benefits can often be an uphill battle for a variety of reasons.

Can depression qualify me for disability?

Although there has been much more awareness of how serious the condition can be, there is still a lingering preconception that someone who is depressed can simply "snap out" of the condition. As such, it can be hard for people in Columbia, Missouri, even those who may have clinical depression themselves, to believe that someone might actually qualify for Social Security Disability benefits for the condition.

If the accident was my fault, can I get disability benefits?

Many people in Columbia, Missouri, and in Boone County have accidents, either at work or simply while going about life. While most of these accidents thankfully end with no one getting hurt seriously, in too many cases someone winds up severely injured and, in all likelihood, unable to work.

Administration partnering with providers to give faster service

The Social Security Administration is in the midst of partnering with health care providers and hospitals across the country in order to be able to access medical records via a secure electronic communication. This ongoing program may one day help Missouri residents who find themselves needing to apply for disability benefits.

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