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January 2014 Archives

Disabled student forgotten on Missouri school bus for 6 hours

Every Monday through Friday each fall, winter and spring, thousands of children and teens in Missouri go to school. Among them are students who are disabled and require assistance that enables them to learn and take part in school activities. Many of these students also qualify for Supplemental Security Income, which is a federal need-based program for families with a disabled child.

Working can improve symptoms of autism in adults, study finds

As many readers know, autism is a form of developmental disorder that typically affects the patient’s communication and social skills, among other symptoms. There are many degrees of severity on the autism spectrum, and the condition affects people in different ways. But one common issue for those with this disability is struggling to find a job that can be adapted for people with autism.

Alcohol may prevent MS, study finds

While excessive drinking is generally unhealthy, moderate alcohol consumption has been found to have some health benefit for people in Columbia, Missouri. Now a study has been published that suggests that drinking may stave off multiple sclerosis, a potentially disabling illness.

Gov. Nixon proposes grants for mental health training

One issue in the national debate on mental health care is that there is a shortage of psychologists and other mental health professionals in the country. Without enough psychologists and psychiatrists, many people in Missouri struggle to find someone to provide them necessary medical attention.

Coca-Cola bottle cap uses word 'retard' in joke attempt

Society has tried to become more respectful to people with developmental disabilities in recent years. At one time, it was not uncommon for people in Columbia and around the U.S. to refer to those with Down syndrome, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder or similar conditions as “retarded,” or to use similarly hurtful words.

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