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Social Security Disability beneficiaries continue to grow

The Social Security Administration is responsible for collecting data pertaining to its programs and beneficiaries. The SSA recently released data for November 2017 indicating that beneficiaries of social security had reached an all time high, with a total of 61,859,250 individuals receiving some form of social security benefits.

Navigating the lengthy SSD claims process

Last year, 7,400 people passed away while on the waitlist for SSD claims. This is a startling statistic, particularly if you are one of the over 1 million Americans currently waiting for a hearing on your SSD claim. A wait that currently averages about two years. But don't let these statistics deter you from applying and going through this evaluation process. In fact, what you should do is apply right away. One of the tips recommended by experts is to start the process of filing your claim immediately.

SSI benefits provide help for disabled children

Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are two programs, each designed to address the needs for income and long term care for individuals with disabilities. Social Security Disability, or SSD, benefits adults who have been disabled since childhood (prior to age 22). For children, SSD can be paid based on a parent's Social Security earnings record. Determining the amount a person is qualified for under SSD is based on work credits; these are credits that an individual has earned based on their income during years that they were able to work. Unfortunately, this system can fall short for children or adults who have been disabled since childhood, because they do not have sufficient work history to earn the credits necessary to receive assistance.

Assistance with addiction-related disability

A previous post discussed how Boone County, Missouri residents who find themselves sick and unable to work can apply for disability benefits through one of the Social Security Administration's programs, even if it is true that their condition may have been caused by a habit of drug or alcohol abuse. A person in this situation, however, may be required to go and get treatment as a condition of continuing to receive benefits.

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