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How does the "Blue Book" affect a claim for SSD benefits?

Most Missourians who are contemplating a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are aware that they must prove they suffer from an illness or injury that prevents them from working. Some may also be aware that the Social Security Administration has adopted regulations that guide its decisions on SSD claims.

SSDI benefits for drug addiction and alcoholism

In Missouri and many other states, alcoholism and drug addiction afflict thousands of people. Each condition is considered to be a disease, with well-established diagnostic criteria and treatment regimens. In this post, we will discuss the extent to which persons suffering from either of these two diseases may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance ("SSDI") benefits.

Understanding qualifying medical conditions for disability

In general, disabled individuals suffering with a disability that prevents them from working may qualify for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration provides a list of medical conditions that automatically qualify an individual for disability benefits provided certain other conditions to qualify for benefits are also met. In circumstances when an individual suffers from a disability not on the list, it may still be possible to obtain Social Security disability (SSD) benefits.

How does SSA evaluate a claim for disability benefits?

To residents in Missouri and elsewhere, the evaluation of a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI benefits often appears to be an opaque process performed behind closed doors by anonymous bureaucrats. In fact, the process for evaluating an SSDI application is guided by explicit standards that must be followed by all SSA employees who are involved in assessing SSD claims.

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