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Administration partnering with providers to give faster service

The Social Security Administration is in the midst of partnering with health care providers and hospitals across the country in order to be able to access medical records via a secure electronic communication. This ongoing program may one day help Missouri residents who find themselves needing to apply for disability benefits.

The basic idea of the program is that if an applicant who files an SSD claim has received treatment at an organization that is in partnership with the Administration via the Administration’s “Health IT” program, and the Administration is aware of that fact, then the Administration will be able to pull the applicant’s medical records in days as opposed to the weeks it takes when applicants have to obtain records by more conventional means.

At the end of the day, what this means is that the Administration will be able to make its evaluation process and initial decision granting or denying benefits more quickly, since much of the delay applicants currently experience involves wait times for medical records. This could lead to some relief for the millions of people who are waiting for decisions about their SSD claims.

The Administration is seeking additional health care providers and facilities that are interested in participating in the Health IT program and sees the program as a potential benefit for these providers for a variety of reasons. Hopefully, electronic transmission of medical records will take hold, since it seems to hold promise of cutting down wait times for Missouri residents and Americans everywhere.

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