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How SSA can take away SSD benefits after awarding them

Successfully applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be complicated and time-consuming, but once the payments begin, you may feel like the ordeal is finally over. Not so fast -- sooner or later, the Social Security Administration is going to want to check in with you, to see if you are still legally disabled.

Children with autism tend to wander, often leading to tragedy

One symptom that many people who are not raising a child with autism may not be aware of is wandering. Children on the autism spectrum or living with other developmental disabilities often have the tendency to run away from home, school or another safe place.

Robotic arm allows user to 'feel' things with its hand

Progress continues on the creation of robotic arms that the user can control using his or her mind, according to Tech Insider. These robotic limbs may someday become widely available for people with no or limited use of their arms due to paralysis, amputation or other reason. This could potentially increase their independence and improve their quality of life.

Service animals can help people in rural parts of Missouri too

Service animals are a common presence in Missouri’s metropolitan areas, but rural areas are a different story. A group called PHARM Dog USA, which stands for Pets Helping Agriculture in Rural Missouri, has placed dogs with disabled people 10 times since 2009, and operates in only three other states.

3 things to do, in case the SSD trust runs dry in 2016

Time is running out to fix the Social Security Disability system’s financial problems. According to a trustees’ report discussed by USA TODAY, the SSD trust fund will run out of money in 2016. This could mean that people in Missouri who receive SSD or SSI benefits could see their payments reduced by 19 percent about a year from now.

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