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Report shows inconsistence between disability judges

As most residents of Boone County, Missouri, are already aware, many if not most SSD claims for disability benefits will get denied at the outset and will therefore end in the applicant's appeal to an administrative law judge for a hearing.

How to improve your chances for filing a successful SSD claim

It is no secret that applying for social security disability is a complicated, stressful and often unsuccessful process. The majority of claims are denied the first time around, so persistence is key, but the appeals process can be equally lengthy and daunting. So, what are some other ways that you can increase your odds?

Navigating SSD benefits for workplace injuries

Workplace injuries make up a large percentage of SSD claims. Workers injured on the job who receive benefits through state workers compensation programs may also be eligible for SSD benefits. An employee may receive workers compensation for temporary or permanent workplace injuries. However, in order to qualify for SSD benefits, the employee must be totally disabled. That is, the employee must be experiencing a disability that is expected to last at least 12 months or end in death.

SSDI covers more than just physical disabilities

Most commonly when we think of applying for SSD benefits we think of individuals who have suffered debilitating injuries and have disabling physical conditions. However, there is much more so SSD benefits then just physical disabilities. You may be eligible for SSD if you suffer from a mental health condition as well.

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