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Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

What is the difference between SSDI and SSI?

When it comes to governmental benefits, Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) helps disabled people who are unable to earn a satisfactory living as a result. These benefits ensure access to essential financial resources, as...

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High noise levels may cause hearing loss disabilities

Working in factories or on construction sites may bring a high risk of hearing loss. Jobs requiring blasting or grinding may cause permanent hearing impairment, as noted on the Occupational Health and Safety website. Industrial machines may expose workers to dangerous...

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The 4 levels of the SSDI appeals process

Many people in Missouri who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance have their initial applications denied. The U.S. Social Security administration denies SSDI claims for numerous reasons, and if you are among those who had their claims denied, you have the...

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Can anxiety disorders qualify for benefits?

When you think of SSDI benefits, do you often think of physical disabilities qualifying before all else? While it is possible to gain support for physical ailments, it is also possible to get benefits for mental disorders, too. This includes many issues that fall...

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