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What if my disability benefits are being reviewed?

Missourians who have a condition, illness or disability that warrants Social Security disability benefits should be cognizant of the reality that the Social Security Administration will, intermittently, review the disability to determine if the person still qualifies for benefits. Receiving the letter informing you of the disability review might be frightening, but it is not necessarily something to be overly concerned about. Understanding how this process works is essential, especially the reasons why the SSA might stop disability benefits.

What to do if your SSD claim is denied

When you're applying for SSD benefits of course you want the process to be as quick and painless as possible, and you hope that you're application is approved at the initial stage. However, it is quite common that the vast majority of applications for SSD benefits are denied the first time. So, what do you do if your SSD application is denied?

Does my illness qualify me for SSD benefits?

Often times we associate social security disability benefits with workplace injuries and other types of debilitating injuries such as brain injuries, spinal chord injuries and paralysis. These types of physical impairments leave no question as to an individual's inability to work. But this merely scratches the surface of the long list of conditions that may qualify you for SSD benefits. If you are suffering from an illness or other physical condition that may impact your ability to become gainfully employed it is possible that you could qualify for SSD benefits. So how do you know if your condition qualifies?

Impacts of funding on SSD benefits

The Federal budget and the government shut down have made headlines recently, with Congress having much difficulty reaching an agreement to pass the proposed budget. The budget includes funding for numerous federal agencies and programs, among those is funding for Social Security. Whether you are currently receiving SSD benefits, or you are in the process of applying for SSD benefits it is important to look at the impact Congressional funding has on this program.

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