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May 2014 Archives

Crohn's disease may be hard to talk about, but it's treatable

Many disabilities, such as paralysis and blindness, can be fairly obvious to other people. But there are many disabling conditions that may not appear on the outside. Some of these, like heart disease, are talked about openly by those with the illness. Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached to some disorders that may hold back many people from receiving treatment and SSDI benefits.

'Breaking Bad' author supports causes for disabled

Many of our readers no doubt were fans of the television series “Breaking Bad,” which aired its finale earlier this year. One of the characters on the show, Walt Jr., was a teenager living with a disability that affected his speech and his ability to walk. However, unlike many disabled characters on TV, Walt Jr. was not a villain or a helpless victim. For RJ Mitte, who played Walt Jr., this fact made the role extra attractive for him.

Helping the mentally ill find the resources they need

Though there is sadly a stigma attached to those individuals suffering from mental illness, these conditions can be as traumatic and disabling as any number of physical illnesses. One in ten adults will suffer from some form of serious mental illness including schizophrenia, major depression and bipolar disorder, and 40 percent of these cases reportedly go untreated.

Missouri official ordered to deliver marriage doc to disabled man

Missouri residents without mobility issues may not have given much thought to state law regarding the marriage process. But until recently, a disabled man was unable to marry his fiancée, because he could not comply with a seemingly discriminatory requirement that many of us might take for granted.

Obesity at 25 good indication of morbid obesity after 35

As we all know, obesity has become quite common in Missouri, along with the rest of the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 35 percent of people over the age of 20 are obese. The condition is also a big problem among teenagers; 18.4 percent of people between 12 and 19 are obese.

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