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Help! My SSDI claim for my mental illness was denied

If your application for SSDI was recently denied, rest assured, you are not the only one. The application process for a mental illness can seem very overwhelming and learning that your claim was denied can feel like all hope has been lost. Fear not, though, many claims are denied the first time they are submitted and some of those denied claims are simply because something was missing or not enough information was provided.

Inside the SSA's process for evaluating disability

The Social Security Administration is one of the largest federal government agencies, and understanding how it assesses physical disability can be difficult. All applications for disability insurance claims (SSD claims) are initially reviewed by the Disability Determination Service agencies in each state, and all DDS agencies apply a five-step analysis in reaching a final decision.

The basis of Social Security disability benefits

Citizens of Missouri are eligible to receive government benefits from the Social Security Administration if an injury has made it impossible for them to work. The rule is easy to state, but knowing whether and how it applies to an individual's unique situation is not always so simple. A single blog post does not have sufficient room to explain all features of Social Security disability law, but a review of basic principles of SSD claims can be helpful.

Can I get both SSD and workers' compensation benefits?

Many people who have gone from healthy enough to work to unable to work due to a disability get that way because of a work-related injury. For instance, a job that involves lifting heavy objects eventually can lead to severe back problems. Or a terrible accident can leave a worker with a brain injury that makes earning a living impossible.

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