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Can depression qualify me for disability?

Although there has been much more awareness of how serious the condition can be, there is still a lingering preconception that someone who is depressed can simply “snap out” of the condition. As such, it can be hard for people in Columbia, Missouri, even those who may have clinical depression themselves, to believe that someone might actually qualify for Social Security Disability benefits for the condition.

However, many people in Boone County and throughout Missouri file SSD claims on the basis that they suffer from severe depression. The Social Security Administration, for its part, considers depression a qualifying medical condition which, so long as certain criteria are met, can mean a person is eligible to receive disability benefits.

Basically, in order to get benefits, the person suffering from depression has to show that, even with reasonable treatment, the condition is so bad that the person can neither maintain an income nor can they switch careers to something that better suits their position.

In other words, depression that poses an inconvenience or hardship, even if it is substantial, is not enough to qualify for disability if the patient can still work. While the Administration can look to other factors well, it may ask whether the applicant is mentally able to “hold it together” given the demands and changes inherent in a professional environment. The Administration may also take note of whether a person needs support living and doing basic life functions.

Obviously, having some clear documentation that a patient is suffering from depression and has been in treatment is helpful to the process and increases the chances of someone ultimately getting approved for benefits. Sometimes, however, just plopping down a pile of medical paperwork is not enough to get approval. It is often helpful to have the assistance of a qualified Social Security Disability attorney in one’s efforts to prepare an effective application.


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