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Does returning to work automatically cancel SSD benefits?

Some people in Missouri may think that spending time away from the workplace is usually relaxing, for example, if a person takes a vacation. However, some people must exit the workplace for very unpleasant reasons -- because they have an illness or injury that is so severe that it prevents them from working for a year or more, or is projected to be fatal. This type of leave from work is anything but pleasant.

Pursuing an SSD claim after a debilitating injury

No one in Missouri expects to be injured in any given day. However, a day that starts out normally could turn to catastrophe if a person is in a serious car wreck, is injured on-the-job or is injured in another type of accident. A severely injured person often needs extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, sometimes this just isn't enough and an injured person finds that the incident has led to long-term disability.

How do SSD benefits change when one reaches retirement age?

Many recipients of Social Security disability benefits in Missouri have been out of the workforce for many years. Because they are unable to earn an income, they may depend on SSD benefits to make ends meet. Therefore, as they near the retirement age for Social Security retirement benefits, they may be concerned about the amount of benefits they receive being reduced or eliminated entirely.

Mental disorders include trauma and stressor-related disorders

People in Missouri and nationwide spent the Fourth of July holiday celebrating our nation's independence. This independence wouldn't be possible if not for the brave men and women who have fought and are still fighting to preserve our nation's security and freedom. However, servicemembers often witness traumatic incidents. The damage of witnessing these occurrences can have serious effects on a person psychologically.

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