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Protecting Your Right To Long-Term Disability (ERISA) Benefits

Long-Term Disability (ERISA) insurance provided by your employer as an employee benefit, or that you have purchased privately, can help you maintain financial stability following a serious accident or illness. While the initial application may seem straightforward, many people have difficulty obtaining benefits if their claim is denied.

If your application for LTD (ERISA) benefits has been denied, don’t wait to seek knowledgeable legal advice. The time to appeal your claim may be limited. At Harlan Still & Koch, we help people in Columbia and surrounding areas of Missouri pursue the full amount of LTD (ERISA) benefits to which they are entitled.

What You Should Know About LTD (ERISA) Benefits

When appealing a denied LTD (ERISA) claim, the following things must be considered:

  • LTD (ERISA) benefits are based upon an insurance contract. The requirements, timelines and processes to obtain LTD (ERISA) benefits are based upon the contract, and could vary from policy to policy.
  • Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can affect your LTD benefits. Most LTD contracts include an agreement that the individual will “offset” any payments eventually received from Social Security. Having an experienced advocate on your side is crucial to ensure your rights are protected.
  • The burden of proof is on you. You must be able to provide the necessary medical evidence to demonstrate why your claim meets the requirements of your policy. Many people feel overwhelmed by this responsibility and may be tempted to simply give up.

Our firm has a number of tools available to help you manage your LTD claim effectively. As your advocate, we will defend your rights as far as necessary to obtain the benefits you need. We handle all claims by contingency, so you pay us nothing unless we are successful.

Some LTD claims may be subject to ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), a complex federal law governing employee benefits. Filing an ERISA lawsuit presents serious and complicated challenges, ones that our lawyers have extensive experience managing.

Meet With An Experienced Attorney

Don’t fight the insurance company alone. Our Columbia long-term disability attorneys will be at your side throughout the process. Call us at 800-483-1789 or send us an email to arrange a free initial consultation.