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If the accident was my fault, can I get disability benefits?

Many people in Columbia, Missouri, and in Boone County have accidents, either at work or simply while going about life. While most of these accidents thankfully end with no one getting hurt seriously, in too many cases someone winds up severely injured and, in all likelihood, unable to work.

Proceeds from workers’ compensation or from a personal liability lawsuit are not available for all of these cases. For instance, if an accident did not happen at work, workers’ compensation will not be available, and if the accident happened to be the fault of the injured person, even if the person did not do anything wrong on purpose, then a personal injury lawsuit is a thin prospect. In short, while health insurance might be available for medical bills, there may be no way to replace the person’s lost income after a debilitating accident.

However, injured people can file SSD claims, no matter where the injury happens and without regard to who is at fault. This is because, when qualifying for disability benefits, federal requirements only call for a person to prove the health condition is disabling; in the vast majority of cases, the Social Security Administration does not care about what caused an injury or where the injury happened.

Columbia residents who got hurt because of their own mistake should not shy away from seeking financial help through the disability system. However, because the application process may be unfamiliar and complicated to a newcomer, it may be a good idea to get more information about Social Security Disability.

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