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What kind of medical evidence is required for SSDI benefits?

Most Missourians seeking Social Security Disability Insurance benefits understand that they must support their claim with medical evidence showing that they are disabled. However, very few potential SSDI applicants understand the precise nature of the medical evidence that is required to prove the existence of a qualifying disability. This post will summarize the requirements of the federal regulations that govern disability benefits.

SSDI benefits for panic attacks

Many Missourians suffer from a mental disorder commonly referred to as "panic attacks." Panic attacks are acute episodes of anxiety that are brought on when the patient faces a particular object or situation. If the level of anxiety is sufficiently severe, the person will be unable to function in a work environment. This post will explain how repeated panic attacks can be the basis for a successful SSD claim for benefits.

How are claims for SSD benefits evaluated?

Most Missourians know that the process for obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is run by the Social Security Administration, an agency of the federal government. Unfortunately, the sheer size of the SSA tends to obscure the process that is used to review and approve or deny applications for SSD claims. This post will describe the essential features of that process.

How do workers' compensation benefits affect SSD benefits?

Many injured workers in Missouri wonder about how a claim for workers' compensation benefits might affect their chances of obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. This post will review the ways in which these two programs relate to one another.

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