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Understanding SSI benefits

Many people in Missouri who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are only vaguely aware of another program that can provide significant assistance to persons with very low incomes: Supplemental Security Income. In this post, we will outline the eligibility requirements for a successful SSI claim and summarize the benefits of a successful claim.

Understanding the disability application and appeals processes

Social Security disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are important for many disabled individuals but the process can be complex. Helping to understand the process, however, can make it less intimidating which can be important for many disabled individuals and families approaching the SSD and SSI application process. SSD claims, and how they work, are important to understand.

Obtaining SSD benefits for blindness

As many Missourians have learned, determining whether a particular illness or injury qualifies a person for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can often be difficult. One exception to this generalization is blindness, or limited vision. If a person submits an SSD claim predicated on blindness or limited visual acuity, and if the person's visual test results meet the SSA requirements, the person immediately qualifies for SSD benefits.

Social Security disability benefits for heart disease

Heart disease is a general term that includes many different conditions. As most Missourians realize, chronic heart disease can interfere with many functions, including a person's ability to work. In this post, we will summarize the Social Security regulations that govern Social Security Disability claims for different kinds of heart disease.

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