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Representing victims of depression in SSD appeals

A previous post here discussed how residents of Columbia, Missouri, who suffer from severe depression can get Social Security Disability benefits under certain circumstances. However, that post also alluded to the fact that getting these benefits can often be an uphill battle for a variety of reasons.

Like other mental health conditions, one reason depression is a difficult condition to prove for purposes of getting disability benefits is that, to a bystander, a person suffering from major depression appears to be fine, even if that person in reality is so depressed that he or she cannot work.

As bystanders, the officials of the Social Security Administration may have an easy enough time believing a person really is depressed if they have been diagnosed, but what may be difficult for them to comprehend is that the depression is so bad that the person in front of them really is not able to hold down any job.

Our law office has experience in handling Social Security claims for people who suffer from severe depression or other mental conditions, the extent of which may be hard for others to fully comprehend. When these people have an application denied at the initial stages of the process, which is not uncommon, we attempt to help them pursue SSD appeals so they can try to get the benefits they both need and are entitled to.

We work hard to educate the administrative law judge who is hearing the case as to how serious a person’s depression really is by doing a thorough investigation and compiling materials that are likely to be helpful to the judge’s understanding of the case. Our law office understands that Boone County residents who are trying to deal with a mental condition are also carrying a heavy financial burden if they cannot work as a result, and it is a burden that our law office is willing and able to attempt to help lift.


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