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Understanding qualifying medical conditions for disability

In general, disabled individuals suffering with a disability that prevents them from working may qualify for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration provides a list of medical conditions that automatically qualify an individual for disability benefits provided certain other conditions to qualify for benefits are also met. In circumstances when an individual suffers from a disability not on the list, it may still be possible to obtain Social Security disability (SSD) benefits.

For adults suffering from a disability, the categories of medical conditions include musculoskeletal problems; sense or speech problems; respiratory illnesses; cardiovascular conditions; digestive tract problems; neurological disorders; blood disorders; and immune system disorders. In circumstances when the disabled applicant suffers from a medical condition that is not on the list, they may still be eligible for benefits if they have a medical condition that can be confirmed clinically and through laboratory testing. A variety of different types of tests and medical records can be used to establish disability.

In addition to lasting 12 months or longer, the medical condition must also limit the disabled individual’s ability to work. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides a method for determining why types of activities the individual can perform. When evaluating an application for disability, the applicant’s medical condition, which can be physical or mental, as well as the duration of the disability, the applicant’s ability to work and the applicant’s work history are all evaluated to make a determination for benefits.

SSD claims can be detailed and complex which is why disabled individuals should always understand each aspect of the process as much as possible. Part of understanding the process includes being familiar with what medical conditions qualify for disability benefits and how to establish disability according to the SSA’s rules and requirements.

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