Helping The Disabled And Injured In
Missouri Get The Support They Deserve

Pursuing an SSD claim after a debilitating injury

No one in Missouri expects to be injured in any given day. However, a day that starts out normally could turn to catastrophe if a person is in a serious car wreck, is injured on-the-job or is injured in another type of accident. A severely injured person often needs extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, sometimes this just isn’t enough and an injured person finds that the incident has led to long-term disability.

When this happens, a person may want to pursue Social Security Disability benefits. However, not every injury will qualify one for such aid. In general, the person’s injury must keep them from performing substantial gainful employment for one year or more and there must be a medically determined cause.

One should not lose hope, however, that they may not qualify for benefits. At Harlan Harlan & Still, we believe in helping injured persons get the support they deserve. We’ve guided many injured people through the SSD claims process. Some of our clients’ injuries include those with severe neck or back injuries, head injuries, paralysis, chronic pain and more.

A severe injury can change a person’s life forever. They have been robbed of their good health, which they may have taken for granted prior to their injury. They may be permanently unable to work. This could impose a serious financial burden on a person that they may be unable to deal with on their own. Fortunately, people in such situations can seek Social Security Disability benefits for injury. And, with the right help, it may be possible for an injured person to receive the financial support they need.


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