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How to improve your chances for filing a successful SSD claim

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2018 | Social Security Disability

It is no secret that applying for social security disability is a complicated, stressful and often unsuccessful process. The majority of claims are denied the first time around, so persistence is key, but the appeals process can be equally lengthy and daunting. So, what are some other ways that you can increase your odds?

This issue is often looked at and discussed by many experts in the field who provide tips for success.

Recently an article consulting with numerous attorneys who specialize in SSD claims compiled a list of some of the key strategies that can be employed to help you get it right the first time around.

One of the most common mistakes made by people applying for SSD is filing an incomplete application. An incomplete application leads to an almost certain denial and sets you back to square one. This leads us to one of the major tips for success, making sure to get a copy of your medical records. A complete medical record is an important piece of your application and it can help to speed up the process if you obtain the record yourself and include it with your initial application.

Another important tip is to include an opinion from your treating physician with your application, while not necessary, a medical opinion that details the restrictions and reasons you are unable to work can be very helpful to your SSD claim.

Finally, although many expert differ over exactly when it is best to file, you need to prepare yourself for a long wait, as many claims take at least three to six months and appeals can take even longer. It is best to start reducing your expenses as soon as possible while you wait to receive your SSD benefits.

An experienced SSD attorney can help you put these tips and many others into practice to improve your odds of filing a successful SSD claim and help you to start receiving your benefits as soon as possible.

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