Helping The Disabled And Injured In
Missouri Get The Support They Deserve

Assistance with addiction-related disability

A previous post discussed how Boone County, Missouri residents who find themselves sick and unable to work can apply for disability benefits through one of the Social Security Administration’s programs, even if it is true that their condition may have been caused by a habit of drug or alcohol abuse. A person in this situation, however, may be required to go and get treatment as a condition of continuing to receive benefits.

As other posts on our blog have also implied, our law office is willing to represent clients who have serious medical conditions, such as liver disease or even some form of lung disease, which may be related to alcohol, drugs or another bad habit like smoking.

We don’t judge, and in fact, we don’t even assume that a particular illness is related to an addiction, as most illnesses have many potential causes, and cause generally is not relevant in a Social Security claim. Of course, as we would any of our client’s information, we carefully guard the privacy of our clients when they are struggling under the weight of an addiction.

Our goal in these types of cases, as with any case, is to get our clients through the process of successfully applying for and obtaining disability benefits so they can at least have some of the financial assistance they no doubt will need since they are not able to work. At each stage of one’s application for benefits, we will provide meaningful support and persistent representation before an administrative law judge or another official with the Social Security Administration.

If it becomes necessary for a person to go to drug treatment in order to keep his or her benefits, we will also help our clients understand his or her obligations and can refer them to treatment resources that might be available.


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