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Help! My SSDI claim for my mental illness was denied

If your application for SSDI was recently denied, rest assured, you are not the only one. The application process for a mental illness can seem very overwhelming and learning that your claim was denied can feel like all hope has been lost. Fear not, though, many claims are denied the first time they are submitted and some of those denied claims are simply because something was missing or not enough information was provided.

What are some of the things that could help your mental impairment claim? Great question!

Unfortunately, not all the mental health professionals take stellar treatment notes or they will simply create a summary of their notes and send them to the SSDI examiner. This lack of detail can be harmful to an applicant’s case. However, another detriment to an individual’s claim can be a complete lack of mental health treatment altogether; this makes it challenging to substantiate a mental impairment claim.

Sometimes the medications prescribed by a psychiatrist may have some undesirable side effects or a person prescribed the pills may consistently forget to take them. Not complying with a prescription prevents an examiner from accurately ascertaining if an individual has limitations due to his or her mental illness that would in fact prevent them from working.

Being denied for a Social Security Disability claim is frustrating and extremely disheartening, but it isn’t the end. If you have been denied for a mental health condition that is preventing you from gainful employment, it’s time that you consult with an attorney who understands the SSDI appeals process. An SSDI attorney can get you on the right track toward receiving the benefits you deserve.


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