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I'm healthy now, but could I ever need SSD benefits?

People who are able-bodied and free of mental illness may not think that they will ever become disabled. It is natural to assume that such a life-changing event could possibly happen to you, but the fact is that disability is quite common. Among 20-year-olds, more than 25 percent will become disabled before they turn 67, according to the Social Security Administration.

Missouri organization offers tech classes for adults with autism

As the name implies, autism spectrum disorders can affect people who have one in a wide variety of ways. Some autistic people are highly intelligent, able to hold down jobs and live independently, though they may struggle with social skills. Others are more severely disabled. They may qualify for Supplemental Security Income if they cannot work.

Disabled man could be evicted if SSI not approved soon

Waiting for the Social Security Administration to award Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income funds for a disability can be frustrating. For some people, their condition or their financial situation can make a long wait virtually impossible.

Scientists announce new, faster method for studying MS cells

Scientists have announced that they have discovered a new way to observe how multiple sclerosis works on the cellular level. By using cells from people with MS, researchers may now be able to “turn back the clock” to observe how the cells develop the disorder. This would make it much easier for researchers to test new treatment and cure options.

Report finds high unemployment among mentally ill in U.S.

The recent recession in the U.S. and the country’s slow recovery affects all sorts of people, including those living with mental illness. A new report finds that more than 80 percent of people with a serious mental illness were unemployed as of 2012.

What are the effects of rheumatoid arthritis?

Arthritis is a common condition in Missouri, especially among older people, though in some cases middle-aged people have been forced to stop working because of the pain and other symptoms of the condition. Actually, there are two types of arthritis, one of which is more likely to affect people in their 40s and 50s.

Police sometimes use excessive force on disabled people

Disabled people are as much a part of society as everyone else, including here in Columbia. Some disabilities required reasonable accommodations, such as wheelchair ramps. In another example, when police encounter a disabled person, it may be necessary for the officers to change their tactics to avoid harming the person.

Diabetes 50% more likely to give women heart disease than men

New research suggests that, for women at least, having one serious medical condition could easily lead to another one. A study one physician calls “profound” has concluded that women with diabetes are 50 percent more likely then diabetic men to develop heart disease.

How can bipolar disorder prevent you from working?

People in Columbia who are living with bipolar disorder may find it difficult performing day-to-day tasks, even if they are physically not disabled. For those who do not have bipolar, it may be difficult to understand why someone with that mental illness seems to have such severe mood swings. Their behavior may seem strange or disturbing without a greater understanding of how bipolar affects your mental processes.

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