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5 common disability application mistakes to avoid

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2023 | Social Security Disability

When you need disability benefits, navigating the application process properly improves your chances of approval. When you understand the most common mistakes that people make while filling out the application, it helps you avoid them.

There are a few common mistakes to watch for when applying for disability.

1. Neglecting medical support

The medical documentation provides valuable corroboration for the information in your application. Gather complete records of your medical history related to your disability, including treatments, diagnosis information and medical prognosis. This information documents the effect your condition has on your daily life.

2. Underestimating residual functional capacity

Residual functional capacity reflects what you can and cannot do as a result of your disability. Avoid downplaying your limitations because an accurate representation of your abilities and restrictions helps you support your claim/

3. Missing deadlines

The application process comes with strict deadlines for submission and appeals. Keep track of the key dates when you apply for disability benefits. This helps ensure that you submit documents on time.

4. Submitting an incomplete work history

Your work history helps determine your eligibility. An incomplete history may lead to problems with assessing your ability to work with your limitations. Provide relevant and complete details for each job you held so that your experience and skills factor into the decision.

5. Ignoring medical advice

Disregarding your doctor’s recommendations for treatment or canceling appointments may weaken your case. Following your doctor’s treatment plan consistently reinforces your commitment to improving your condition.

According to the Social Security Administration’s 2020 report, nearly 80% of first-time applications for disability result in denial. The more comprehensive and accurate your application is, the better your chances of approval.


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