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Dealing with hearing loss at work

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2023 | Social Security Disability

On many occasions, hearing loss can occur while on the job. But jobs with high levels of noise exposure can pose even more of a potential risk to a person’s hearing.

Industrial machines, vibrations, or blasting from construction zones can all potentially cause hearing loss and it is important to understand how.

Jobs that could put hearing at risk

Occupational Health & Safety discusses jobs that may cause hearing loss. Many jobs have an elevated risk of hearing loss due to the machinery and equipment involved. This particularly includes jobs adjacent to the military or construction, industrial jobs, factory jobs and more.

A person’s daily life and their usual activities can easily end up interrupted by hearing loss. In fact, for some, it may even impact their ability to hold down a job.

Problems with hearing loss at work

For example, construction workers typically rely on the sounds of alarms or other alerts to get an audio clue that they need to take care around a certain area. If they cannot hear the alarm or alert, they could easily end up in the path of danger and get harmed.

Breakdown of verbal communication can also happen, which creates problems between employees or between employers and their employees. This can make any job harder to manage.

Loud enough noise can even do so much damage to the inner ear that it also affects a person’s balance. This can make it harder for workers to accomplish their jobs or even work safely in certain fields.

Thus, understanding the importance of verbal communication is key in such situations.


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