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What errors should you watch for on your SSDI application?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Social Security Disability

If you develop a medical condition or suddenly sustain an injury that prohibits you from working anymore and supporting yourself and your family financially, you can apply to the Social Security Disability Insurance program to receive financial support. You can receive these benefits as long as you are “insured.”

For the Social Security Administration to view you as insured, you must have paid Social Security taxes on your income for long enough to qualify. To increase your chances of an application approval, you should also avoid these common mistakes when filing a claim.

Applying too soon

Wait to apply for SSDI benefits until you have all the information and facts possible about your condition. If you do not have a medical history backing up your condition for a year or more, the SSA may see your disability as a short-term condition that will eventually improve.

Waiting too long

Receiving an approval for SSDI benefits can take several months. For this reason, you should not wait too long to start filing an application to submit your claim.

Failing to see your physician

See your doctor first before making the decision to file an SSDI claim. If your doctor does not agree that you have a disabling condition that prevents you from working, his or her opinion could end up harming your claim for benefits.

Filing for SSDI benefits can be a lengthy, complicated process for many people. But applying at the right time and backing up your claim with ample medical documentation can increase your chances of an approval after you submit your claim.


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