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How does the SSDI application process work?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Social Security Disability

Applying for Social Security disability benefits requires understanding the application process. Many people will receive a denial because they made a mistake during this time.

The Social Security Administration provides a clear outline of what to expect during the application process, including what things you may need to do once you turn in your application.

Prepare and complete the application

The first step will always be to complete your application. Keep in mind that you will need a lot of documents to do this. The SSA will require plenty of evidence to back up everything you put in your application.

You should be prepared with work and medical documents before you start the application. If you fail to provide all the information the SSA requests, you will likely face denial and have to go through the process again.


The next step is submitting your application for review by the SSA. During this time, officials will look over your application to check that you meet the very basic requirements to receive SSDI. This includes having enough work credits, meeting the disability requirement and having the right type of limitations to prevent you from working.

At this stage, the SSA may request more information. If you receive any requests, you should reply as soon as possible to avoid having a denial due to not providing information.


The final step is for an office in your state to finalize the determination in your case. The state office will either approve or deny your application and alert you to the decision.

Once you receive the decision, you will either begin getting benefit payments or have the option to appeal if you got a denial.


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