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Can you appeal a denied benefits request?

Getting financial benefits in the form of social security disability benefits can be the difference in whether or not you can support your family’s monetary needs. Finding out that your claim did not meet the criteria to receive benefits can bring disappointment and concern for the future.

Understanding how to appeal a denied claim can give you an idea of what your next steps will be.

Add more context

The Social Security Administration has strict criteria that you must meet before they will approve your case. These criteria differ depending on the type of disability you have. For example, mental health challenges including anxiety and depression may have slightly different criteria than physical disabilities such as paralysis.

In some cases, SSA officials may deny your claim because it lacks context. You can more effectively appeal a denied claim when you add as much detail as possible to your updated application. You may even consult with your medical provider to inquire about documents that describe your condition and will support your effort to get financial assistance.

Know your options

You can appeal a denied claim at more than one level. According to the Social Security Administration, at the base level, you can request a reconsideration. If this petition also does not produce a satisfactory outcome, you can appeal the SSA’s decision in a hearing with an administrative law judge. Depending on the outcome of the first two levels, you can also appeal a claim at the federal court level.

At the onset of your application process, pay close attention to each question and answer it in as much detail as you can. When the SSA requests additional information, do your best to attain and submit the information in a timely manner. Your attention to detail may be the difference in whether or not the SSA approves your claim.


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