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What must you provide when applying for mental health benefits?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Uncategorized

Physical disabilities prevent many workers from holding a steady job every year. But mental health disorders contribute just as much suffering to the working populace. Social Security offers the possibility of benefits to anyone suffering from debilitating mental health issues.

But if you apply, you must follow the same process as those applying for physical health reasons. There are certain pieces of evidence and documentation you must provide with your application.

General evidence of mental disorders

Social Security discusses many aspects of applying for benefits due to mental conditions. This includes what you need in order to submit your application. First, you need general evidence. Evidence under this category comes from respectable and objective medical sources. This evidence must establish that you have a mental disorder as determined by medicine.

You must also provide evidence examining the severity of this disorder. After all, in order to receive benefits, you must prove that the disorder interferes with your ability to hold a job. Based on facts about your disorder, Social Security will request specific evidence. Specifications will include sources and the extent of the evidence needed.

They will also consider all relevant medical evidence provided. This includes any information from healthcare providers, psychologists, and physicians. Examples of such evidence include your diagnosis, reported symptoms and psychiatric history.

Personal testimonies

They also consider personal testimony and evidence from those you know you. This includes family, neighbors, caregivers and clergy members. They all see you on a daily or near-daily basis and can attest to your ability to function. Finally, they accept evidence from vocational training, work and school. Again, this can give them an idea of how you function in a workplace setting.


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