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Can you qualify for benefits due to depression?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

As someone who suffers from depression, you understand the impact this disease has. Depression may easily influence your life to the point that you find holding down a job nearly impossible.

As such, you might wonder if you are eligible to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. The good news is, you are.

Depressive disorders that qualify for benefits

Social Security has a list of mental disorders in adults that may qualify for benefits. Mental disorders do not get as much limelight as physical disorders. But Social Security acknowledges that mental health issues make it just as hard for you to work as a physical disability, illness or injury.

Depression falls under its own category: depressive, bipolar and related disorders. This category includes bipolar disorders I or II, major depressive disorder and cyclothymic disorder. It also includes dysthymia and depressive or bipolar disorders caused by other medical conditions.

Signs of a depressive disorder

In general, disorders in this category share a few traits. This includes irritability, elevated moods, depression, or a loss of pleasure and interest in most activities. These symptoms lead to “a significant decline in function”. Signs of depressive disorders include sleep disturbances, changes in energy level, suicidal ideation, feelings of guilt and psychomotor abnormalities.

If your disorder falls under these categories, you may move forward with an application for SSD benefits. You must submit evidence of your mental health disorder. This includes objective medical evidence from a professional source and medical reports from your psychologists. Note that qualifying for application does not guarantee your approval. It is one step in the right direction, though.


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