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How do I get Social Security Disability Insurance?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Social Security Disability

You likely have insurance for many things in your life, such as for your home and car. If you suffer a disability, you may also carry disability insurance. One insurance that you do not have to purchase that can help you if you have a disability is Social Security Disability insurance. 

According to the Social Security Administration, SSDI is a benefit but you must qualify for it to receive it. 

Where it comes from

SSDI is a government benefit administered by the SSA. You earn the right to these benefits by working. You do not have to pay to receive them like other insurance programs. 

Work requirements

You must earn a specific amount through working in the years before applying for SSDI to qualify for benefits. The amount of work time required depends on your age. 

As you work, you earn work credits, which correspond to the amount of money you earn. The SSA determines your eligibility based on the number of work credits you have. 

If you have never worked or you have not worked recently, you likely will not qualify for SSDI. 

Disability requirements

You also need to show you have a qualifying disability. What qualifies depends on the SSA definition of disability, which is any condition that prevents you from working in any capacity. If you can work, then you likely do not qualify for benefits. 

Your disability also must be long-term. In most cases, people who get SSDI will die within a year of receiving benefits. However, the requirement is only that the condition must remain for at least a year. 


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