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Additional benefits of Social Security Disability Insurance

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Social Security Disability

People who are receiving disability checks may not realize all of the benefits they are eligible for. Recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income may take advantage of additional benefits if they meet certain criteria. 

Two of these programs are Ticket to Work and a tax-advantaged savings account. 

Ticket to Work program 

Although not all people with disabilities are able to work, some may be ready to seek some type of employment. According to FindLaw, the Ticket to Work program helps people who are receiving SSDI and SSI benefits return to the workforce. Recipients have free access to vocational rehabilitation, job training, job referrals and other job-seeking services. 

Along with helping disabled people find paying jobs, there are numerous benefits to the program. Recipients continue to receive their full benefits, including healthcare, for a certain amount of time. After the trail period, if the worker is earning a certain minimum income, benefits cease. However, benefits return to normal if the job does not work out, or if the person is unable to work. Also, while involved in the program, there is no requirement for medical review. 

Achieving a Better Life Experience account 

According to the Social Security Administration, people who became eligible for disability insurance benefits before the age of 26 may be eligible to open an Achieving a Better Life Experience savings account. The disabled individual, family members and friends can all contribute money to the ABLE account, and this money does not count as a monetary resource. The account owner can use the money from the account for disability-related expenses such as housing, education, employment support, transportation and assistive technology. 


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