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Documentation you need to file a workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2019 | Workers Compensation

Suffering an injury or illness on the job in Columbia, Missouri can cause you a lot of problems. You might miss a lot of time at work, which can lead to serious financial trouble. The medical expenses stemming from an injury and the lack of income can spell debt. Today, we will discuss the documentation needed to file a workers’ compensation claim in Missouri so you file correctly the first time.

When you seek immediate medical evaluation and treatment you need to tell your doctor that the injury occurred on the job. When you notify your doctor of the circumstances, he or she will make sure that every single symptom, test and treatment method is documented in detail so it can be provided as part of your claim.

Make sure you notify your employer of the accident that led to your injury on the job. This should be done as soon as possible (maybe even the same day of the injury) and should be done in writing. By notifying your employer in writing of the injury you can keep a copy of the notification should the employer claim they were never informed.

In the letter sent to your employer about the injury you need to document the following:

  • The areas of the body affected by the injury and the type of injury
  • The location, date and the time of the injury
  • Any other parties involved in the incident
  • An explanation of how the incident occurred
  • The treatment you have received to date

Now that you know the documentation required to file a workers’ compensation claim you can begin compiling the required documents when injured on the job. Make sure you file in an appropriate time manner so your claim is not denied.


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