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What information is needed when filing an SSD claim online?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Social Security Disability

The advent of the internet has simplified many aspects of our lives. For example, these days, it is possible to apply for Social Security disability benefits online. This may be useful for those in Missouri whose disabilities prevent them from being able to write or leave the home. However, many initial applications for SSD benefits are denied, even if one’s application was completed online. Therefore, before applying for disability benefits online, it is important to have all the necessary information at hand, so that one’s application can be as complete as possible.

First, if an applicant was not born in the United States, they will need to include the date and place of their birth on their application, as well as their Permanent Resident Card number. If an applicant is married, they need to include identifying information on their spouse. If the applicant is divorced, information on the divorce will need to be supplied. Information on minor children, disabled children or children who are full-time students also needs to be included on the application.

If a person served in the U.S. military, information on this will need to be provided. Details on the applicant’s employment for the past two years will need to be supplied. Direct deposit information will need to be included. One’s application will also need to include the information of someone the Social Security Administration can contact who is aware of the applicant’s medical condition and can help them with their SSD claim.

A list of one’s medical conditions is needed, as is information about doctors, healthcare professionals, hospitals and clinics the applicant visited. This includes dates of examinations, treatments, tests and medications. The applicant will also need to provide information on their job history, such as how their medical condition affects their ability to work, and the types of jobs they had within 15 years of becoming unable to work due to their disability. Information on one’s education and training also must be supplied.

As this shows, there is a good deal of information the SSA will need to evaluate one’s claim for disability benefits. It is important that one’s initial claim is as thorough as possible. If the SSA feels it lacks necessary information, it may be denied. Therefore, those applying for SSD benefits online will want to ensure they are prepared with all the necessary information from the get-go, so they can submit a strong claim for benefits.


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