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Why are your disability benefits being reviewed?

The Social Security Administration has in place a strict definition of “disability” that Missouri residents must meet before they may receive disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income. For the most part, a person’s disability must be expected to last for at least a year in order for the individual to qualify; if their disability will resolve before 12 months have passed then they may not be approved for benefits.

To ensure that only qualifying individuals are receiving benefits, the Social Security Administration undertakes periodic reviews of recipients’ disability cases. During a review, a disability benefits or SSI recipient may be asked to provide evidence of their continued disability so that their benefits are not cut off without cause. If their disability persists, they will likely continue to receive their benefits as they had in the past and until their next review comes up.

A benefits recipient can expect to undergo a review about every three years that they receive support from the Social Security Administration. If there is a chance that their condition will start to get better in the months or years following their initial approval, then their first review may come only 12 to 18 months after they begin to receive disability benefits or payments.

However, if a recipient’s condition has improved or if they are able to work, they may find that the Social Security Administration will terminate their benefits or SSI payments. Disability benefits recipients can work with disability benefits attorneys during their reviews to ensure that they put forth strong cases that advocate for the continued payment of their needed benefits.


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