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Different types of back injuries

Although the most severe type of back injury is an injury to the spinal cord, which can leave a person paralyzed and unable to move, much less work, there are many other types of back injuries that can significantly affect Columbia, Missouri, residents such that they may not be able to hold down a job.

The back is a fragile but important part of the body, and it can thus be injured in a variety of different ways. The two primary types of injury to the back are what are commonly called slipped disks and pinched nerves.

A slipped disk, as the name implies, involves a painful shifting of the little bones that make up the spine, called the vertebrae, into the wrong position. This usually happens in the lower part of the back, but can happen anywhere if the winged tips of the vertebra get damaged and thus are not able to hold the piece of the spine in place.

Another problem in the back happens if a nerve, many of which are near the backbone, gets pressed by a vertebrae. Kind of like what happens when someone damages an electrical cord by pushing on it, a nerve injury of this type can mean a person loses the ability to feel in part of his or her body. It can also lead to pain and muscle weakness.

These sorts of back injuries can happen because of a specific accident or incident, or they often can happen over time, just because that area of the spine has a natural weakness. The important thing to remember, though, is that these conditions can be debilitating, as many Missouri residents simply are not able to do their jobs while experiencing the symptoms of a back injury. These people should consider filing SSD claims to get help with replacing their lost income.


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