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Some refreshing answers to common SSD questions

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2013 | Social Security Disability

There are two big myths surrounding the receipt of Social Security Disability benefits. If a person is confused, this may compromise one’s chance at receiving the financial support that he or she needs.

Myth one: I have to wait until I have been disabled for at least an entire year before applying for benefits.

This is not true. While you have to logically anticipate that your benefit will last a year or more to apply for disability benefits, you do not have to wait that long. If you know that you will struggle with your disability for over a year, you can begin applying for benefits today. You also want to jump on the process because it can take several months before your application is assessed.

Myth two: If I receive Social Security Disability benefits, I cannot actively pursue work opportunities, as it compromises my claim (or takes my benefits away).

Again, this is false. Social Security’s Ticket to Work is a program, which gives recipients several job services, helps avoid this problem. This incentive-based program makes it possible for you to explore different work opportunities and receive benefits at the same time. If you chose to participate in this voluntary program, you can retain Medicare as you are employed.

The Social Security Disability program helps disabled people live a normal, stable life. It may be hard to accomplish everyday tasks with your debilitating condition. If this is the case, you should think about speaking to an attorney about the application process. There is a lot of complexity around the law, and an attorney can guide you in the right direction.

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