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SSA expedites approval for numerous disabilities

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2013 | Social Security Disability

Many are aware of the arduous and lengthy process that a Social Security disability appeal can become. With wait times for a decision often stretching to a length of a year or more, those who are able to avoid the process and secure an immediate application approval should work hard in doing so.

Thankfully, a policy shift made last month will spare many injured and ailing Americans in Missouri and across all fifty states from the tumultuous sea of paperwork and appointments that quickly frustrates appeals. Social Security Administration commissioner Michael Astrue recently announced that the disability program’s Compassionate Allowances measure will be extended to include 35 additional conditions.

The expansion of now sets the Compassionate Allowance’s total coverage at 200 conditions. Adult non-hodgkin lymphoma, asplastic anemia, hepatopulmonary syndrome, malignant germ cell tumor, and sinonasal cancer were all among the list of new coverages.

If an applicant for Social Security disability is suffering from a condition covered by Compassionate Allowances, the approval rate can take only a matter of days. Aimed at making sure the most seriously disabled Americans do not go without support, the program fast-tracks applicants’ benefit payments. The complex documentation of work history, insurance coverage, and doctor’s bills is not required if clear medical evidence of a condition is apparent.

Other conditions covered by the program include serious cancers, brain disorders, and rare children’s diseases. Almost 200,000 people with server disabilities have been had their approval expedited since its inception in Oct. 2008.

Compassionate Allowances is in place to help those in serious need circumvent the lengthy appeal process. However, for those whose conditions are less serious, yet still debilitating, the appeal process may be an imminent reality. Working with a Social Security disability attorney will not only clarify what is needed for benefits to be secured, but drastically reduce a person’s wait time.

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· When an appeal becomes necessary for Social Security disability assistance, the help of an attorney can prove invaluable. For more information, contact our Boone County Social Security law page.


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