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SSDI backlog continues to cause problems

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2012 | Social Security Disability

It’s relatively common knowledge by now that the application and all-but-inevitable appeal process of a Social Security Disability claim can be frustratingly long and fraught with discouragement. Now new studies have come to offer a fuller perspective on the ordeal. Beneath and behind all the information now available, the necessity of an attorney’s help in the attempt to secure disability benefits is only more pronounced.

Those making claims in Missouri and across the country should act with expedience and research in their attempts to secure Social Security disability benefits for a number of reasons. As baby boomers continue to file claims and the sobering economic climate pushes many out of the workplace and into a reliance on government aid, the application process has become increasingly backlogged, pushing the wait time for many appeals toward a year or longer. Even more troubling is the news that the whole program is approaching insolvency in the coming years.

Currently more than 750,000 Americans are waiting on the outcome of appeal hearings after being initially rejected for their claims. Judicial approval rates vary greatly from state to state, and much of the backlog is on account of the complicated and expansive requirements made by applications for benefits.

Those hoping to receive disability benefits for a mental or neurological condition face a particularly difficult battle given the interior, complicated nature of their condition. Much of the benefit application is contingent upon physical questions and conditions.

The most urgent aspect of the disability benefits situation, however, is without question the projected date of the program’s insolvency. For the last three years, the program has paid out more than it has collected in revenue. 2016 is now the projected end of the line for available disability payments unless greater political action is taken in Washington.

However, no matter how dire the greater situation may be, individuals who are in need of Social Security Disability benefits should not be deterred from applying or appealing a rejection. With the aid of a skilled Social Security law attorney, the chance for a successful benefits award is greatly increased, and often times back benefits owed during the appeal process can be reaped in full.

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