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Filing for disability benefits for a mental disorder

Not every disability carries a visible moniker. For example, when we see a person in a wheel chair we understand that person might have a disabling medical condition. However, other disabled persons in Missouri suffer in silence, including those who have a disabling mental condition.

Mental disorders include trauma and stressor-related disorders

People in Missouri and nationwide spent the Fourth of July holiday celebrating our nation's independence. This independence wouldn't be possible if not for the brave men and women who have fought and are still fighting to preserve our nation's security and freedom. However, servicemembers often witness traumatic incidents. The damage of witnessing these occurrences can have serious effects on a person psychologically.

Disability benefits based on a diagnosis of depression

Depression is a serious mental illness that may rob a person of their happiness, energy and capacity to function. It can manifest in physical symptoms and may cause a Missouri resident to endure significant and life-altering suffering. Because depression can affect a person on so many different levels, the Social Security Administration recognizes it as a disability in certain situations.

Disability benefits for substance abuse related disabilities

Substance abuse, including but not limited to drug use and alcoholism, can cause irreversible and damaging harm to a person's mind and body. Even if the individual is able to overcome their addiction they may still suffer from the effects of their affliction for the rest of their lives. For this reason, some individuals who have suffered from substance abuse may be eligible to seek disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Why was my SSD claim for a mental condition denied?

Filing an SSD claim is hard enough. The application, the process, the waiting, the frequent denials and the subsequent appeals process - it's all lengthy and frustrating. So many claims get denied the first time around prolonging this painful process. Perhaps the most difficult type of claim to file is one based on a mental health condition. So why is it that SSD claims for mental conditions are so often denied?

Anxiety as a basis for Social Security disability benefits claim

Everyone feels anxious from time to time. A Missouri resident may feel a wave of nerves before they have to give a speech or may feel their heart race in anticipation of bad news. A bad day may spark feelings of unease in a person who likes to have control of their life, and an unexpected event may set a person's nerves on edge. However, these forms of anxiousness are transient and often do not last; when a person suffers from severe and persistent anxiety that prevents them from holding down a job, they may be able to qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

SSDI covers more than just physical disabilities

Most commonly when we think of applying for SSD benefits we think of individuals who have suffered debilitating injuries and have disabling physical conditions. However, there is much more so SSD benefits then just physical disabilities. You may be eligible for SSD if you suffer from a mental health condition as well.

Representing victims of depression in SSD appeals

A previous post here discussed how residents of Columbia, Missouri, who suffer from severe depression can get Social Security Disability benefits under certain circumstances. However, that post also alluded to the fact that getting these benefits can often be an uphill battle for a variety of reasons.

Can depression qualify me for disability?

Although there has been much more awareness of how serious the condition can be, there is still a lingering preconception that someone who is depressed can simply "snap out" of the condition. As such, it can be hard for people in Columbia, Missouri, even those who may have clinical depression themselves, to believe that someone might actually qualify for Social Security Disability benefits for the condition.

Disability may also be available for mental health conditions

Similar to disability benefits for disabilities caused by a physical health condition, Social Security disability or SSD benefits may also be available for disabilities caused by a mental health condition. Additionally, Supplemental Security Income may also be available for disabled individuals who may not qualify for SSD benefits because they lack the necessary work history required to be eligible. When a mental disorder prevents the disabled individual from working, they may be able to claim SSD benefits.

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