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Disability benefits based on a diagnosis of depression

Depression is a serious mental illness that may rob a person of their happiness, energy and capacity to function. It can manifest in physical symptoms and may cause a Missouri resident to endure significant and life-altering suffering. Because depression can affect a person on so many different levels, the Social Security Administration recognizes it as a disability in certain situations.

In order for depression to serve as the basis of a disability benefits claim, the applicant’s condition must qualify as a disability. For example, a person with depression may be required to show with medical evidence that they suffer from multiple depression-related disturbances, such as but not limited to sleep disturbances, decreased energy, diminished interest in life activities, thoughts of ending their life, changes in weight and others.

In addition to suffering from the mentioned depression-related conditions, the applicant must also show how the presence of those conditions keeps them from working. Their condition may limit their ability to interact with and work with others, retain or remember information, mange themselves in the workplace or concentrate during work-related tasks. This is not a comprehensive recitation of the Social Security Administration’s requirements and readers should discuss their depression-based disability claims with their attorneys.

Depression is more than feeling sad. It is a long-term medical condition that can impact how a person views themselves, interacts with others and functions in social and professional situations. It can prevent a person from holding down a job and, as such, it can, if properly presented, serve as the grounds for a disability benefits applicant’s request for support from the Social Security Administration.


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