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A new rule could help more retirees qualify for SSI

The Social Security Administration (SSA) receives contributions from workers’ checks. Those contributions help fund a variety of different benefits programs. Social Security retirement benefits help people maintain a stable standard of living later in life if their personal savings aren’t quite enough for financial comfort.

There are also disability benefits available for those who can no longer work due to serious medical conditions. In addition to traditional disability benefits, there is also the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. Even those who have never worked can sometimes qualify for SSI benefits. Children with disabling medical conditions, for example, can receive SSI even though they may not receive standard disability benefits. Additionally, financially insecure older adults can sometimes receive SSI as a way to boost their standard of living. A new rule change might make SSI accessible to more retired adults.

A rule on housing benefits has changed

Not everyone can qualify for SSI benefits due to advanced age or medical challenges. It is a needs-based program intended to support the financially vulnerable. The SSA looks at income when determining if people qualify for SSI benefits.

Those living on a fixed income during retirement might assume that they qualify, but more than pension payments affect eligibility. Certain types of aid might count against eligibility as well. Housing benefits that help people pay for rent can be among the most important benefits for older adults. They have also previously prevented people from qualifying for SSI. That fortunately has changed due to a new rule.

As was previously the case for applicants in only seven states, older SSI applicants can now qualify despite receiving housing benefits. Missouri was not one of the seven states that previously excluded housing benefits from consideration during SSI applications. As such, there may be thousands of older adults who could now qualify for SSI benefits and may not realize it. Those already receiving benefits may qualify for more SSI per month under the new rule.

Managing the complex application process required for SSI and similar benefits can prove overwhelming for many people. Having the right assistance during a benefits claim can help people determine what benefits they may qualify for and decrease their chances of making mistakes on their paperwork.


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