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Speeding up your SSDI application with Compassionate Allowances

On Behalf of | May 19, 2023 | Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration offers the Compassionate Allowances program to expedite Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applications for individuals with severe medical conditions. Understanding compassionate allowances and qualifying conditions can significantly expedite the SSDI application process.

Consider these frequently asked questions to determine how you may qualify for this program.

What are Compassionate Allowances?

The SSA established the Compassionate Allowances program to identify and expedite SSDI applications for individuals with severe medical conditions. These conditions clearly meet the disability criteria, and the CAL program ensures that those with the most severe medical conditions receive benefits quickly.

How does the CAL Program expedite the process?

The CAL program streamlines the SSDI application process by prioritizing applications with qualifying medical conditions. When a condition of the applicant matches a condition on the CAL list, their application receives priority for expedited processing. This reduces waiting times and expedites the receipt of benefits.

What are the qualifying conditions for Compassionate Allowances?

Compassionate Allowances cover various medical conditions, including rare diseases, certain cancers, neurological disorders, and organ-related conditions. Examples include acute leukemia, pancreatic cancer, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, among others. The SSA’s official website provides a complete list of qualifying conditions.

How do you apply for Compassionate Allowances?

When applying for SSDI benefits, it is crucial to include comprehensive medical documentation that supports the qualifying condition. This includes medical reports, test results, imaging scans and other relevant documentation. Clearly highlighting the medical condition and its severity helps the SSA identify the application for expedited processing under the CAL program.

Why do you need accurate and complete documentation?

To ensure a smooth and expedited application process, provide accurate and thorough medical documentation. This includes medical records, physician statements, diagnostic test results, treatment history and other pertinent information. Detailed and well-documented medical evidence enhances the likelihood of a successful CAL application.

Compassionate Allowances offer expedited SSDI benefits to individuals with severe medical conditions. By prioritizing applications of those whose conditions meet the SSA’s disability criteria, the CAL program provides much-needed financial support more quickly.


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