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Does having osteoporosis qualify you for SSDI?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Social Security Disability

Osteoporosis affects more women in Missouri than it does men, but both genders run the risk of developing this bone condition. Osteoporosis makes an individual’s bones more likely to break than they would otherwise and may have a significant effect on someone’s overall lifestyle.

Per American Bone Health, many people with osteoporosis find that their conditions make it difficult or virtually impossible for them to be able to work a full-time job and bring in a decent living. Some of them question whether their condition might make them eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance.

Determining if osteoporosis makes someone eligible for SSDI

The U.S. Social Security Administration maintains a database of conditions that make someone who has them automatically eligible for SSDI. However, osteoporosis, alone, is not one of them. While this does not necessarily mean that people with osteoporosis are not going to qualify for these benefits, they may need to have other factors at play in addition to an osteoporosis diagnosis to do so.

Becoming eligible for SSDI with osteoporosis

The SSA maintains a “blue book” that lists conditions it considers to be valid disabilities that warrant SSDI payments. While osteoporosis alone does not appear on the list, other conditions many people with osteoporosis may have do. For example, bone fractures in the upper or lower body may help make someone eligible for SSDI. Many people with osteoporosis also have autoimmune disorders, parathyroid disorders or kidney disease, all of which do appear in the SSA’s blue book and may therefore make someone eligible for SSDI.

In conclusion, while osteoporosis by itself does not make an individual eligible for SSDI, other health conditions that may accompany osteoporosis may help SSDI applicants meet eligibility terms.


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