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Is there disability for migraines?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Migraines are a somewhat common condition that affects a surprisingly large portion of the populace. Despite that, many people may not know that it can actually qualify a worker for disabilities.

But does this apply to anyone with migraines? How do you know if your migraines qualify for disability benefits?

What are migraines?

Mayo Clinic describes the condition of migraines. In general, migraine sufferers experience a debilitating period of head pain that can last up to hours at a time or even an entire day. This pain is so excruciating that they cannot do any form of work during the onset. Many cannot even move or leave a darkened room.

The pain is often so intense that these migraine sufferers will spend days in the aftermath of an attack going through a recovery process. Depending on the intensity of the migraine and an individual’s job, this recovery period might also make it difficult for someone to go to work.

Disability benefits for migraine sufferers

This is why, in some cases, disability benefits are available to workers who suffer from migraines. Several factors will determine whether or not a sufferer’s migraines will allow them to apply for this coverage. This includes the duration of their migraines, the intensity of each one, and the frequency. Needless to say, sufferers are more likely to get coverage if they have long, frequent or extremely severe migraines.

These benefits can help migraine sufferers get through difficult periods of their life and cover financial gaps that this painful debilitation can cause in a life. Migraine sufferers should speak with legal help to see if their case applies.


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