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What medical information must you submit when applying for SSDI?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Social Security Disability

When you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance in Missouri, the likelihood of the U.S. Social Security Administration approving you for benefits depends on a number of factors. Whether you worked long enough in a position covered by Social Security is one such factor. Whether the SSA believes your condition is severe enough to warrant these benefits is another.

Per the SSA, there are certain documents you must submit when applying for SSDI to help explain the severity of your condition and emphasize your need for benefits. What types of medical documentation should you submit when making your claim?

Information about where you underwent treatment

Submit as much information as possible about the treatments you received thus far because of your condition, taking care to include the names, addresses and phone numbers of all physicians or medical facilities that treated you.

Information about any prescriptions you take

You also want to submit detailed information about any prescription drugs you take. You should also include information about how long you have taken them and who prescribed them to you.

Information about medical tests

You also want to turn over any information about specific medical tests you took that revealed your condition or the extent of it. Include the names of the tests you took, the dates you took them and any other information that may prove relevant.

Ultimately, the more evidence you supply to support your need for SSDI, the better. If you question whether you should submit a particular document or form to support your need for benefits, err on the side of caution and submit it anyway.


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