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How the reconsideration stage works in the SSDI appeals process

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Many Missouri residents who apply for Social Security Disability Benefits through the U.S. Social Security Administration have their applications denied. If you find yourself among those who received denials after submitting SSDI claims, try not to feel frustrated. Before you give up, know that many people who have their original claims denied later receive approval for benefits after working through the appeals process.

Per the U.S. Social Security Administration, the first step in the SSDI appeals process is “reconsideration.”

How the reconsideration stage works

When you ask the SSA for a reconsideration of your SSDI application, you are requesting that someone new – who has not already seen your information – review your evidence and application to see if he or she reaches a different conclusion than the first reviewer. You typically do not have to attend any hearings or otherwise make any in-person appearances during the reconsideration stage. However, if you have any new evidence that describes your condition and backs up your need for disability benefits, now is the time to turn it over to the SSA.

How long processing takes

How long it takes to process your reconsideration claim varies from year to year. It may also vary based on whether you meet the specific disability requirements dictated by the SSA. However, in recent years, the average processing time fell somewhere between about 100 days and 147 days.

There are limits to how long you have to request a reconsideration of your SSDI application. In most instances, you have 60 days from the date you received your denial notification in which to appeal the SSA’s decision.


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