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How may I earn Social Security credits for SSDI?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Some individuals may believe that the Social Security Administration sends monthly payments for having a disability. You must first, however, apply and qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. As noted on the website, by working and earning income you may receive credits toward SSDI benefits.

Beginning In 2022, employees receive one credit for every $1,510 earned. You may receive no more than four Social Security credits each year. Based on the current formula, you could reach the maximum number of credits after earning $6,040.

Recent work test and age requirements

As described on the website, the credits you earned while working help determine whether you qualify for disability or retirement benefits. Applicants do not need to have earned more than 40 credits. The SSA’s recent work test breaks down your eligibility by the number of credits earned and your age.

If you apply for SSDI after the age of 31, the SSA requires a minimum of 20 credits earned in the 10 years preceding your disabling condition. Applicants up to the age of 24, however, only need to have earned six credits during the previous three years.

Duration work test

The SSA uses a duration work test to determine your eligibility for SSDI benefits. If you apply for SSDI before turning 28, for example, you need to show a work history of fewer than two years. You may need to show a work history of nine-and-a-half years if you apply at the age of 60.

If you become unable to work because of a disabling illness or medical condition, you may apply for SSDI. Based on how long you held a job, you could qualify for benefits. With enough credits earned from employment, the SSA may review your application. Your work history determines your eligibility for monthly payments.


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