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What information do I need to apply for disability benefits?

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), applicants must provide certain documentation and information when applying for disability benefits. This information allows administrators to determine whether a person meets the criteria for receiving benefits.

Because this process is often complex, it is important to prepare prior to your application. Here are a few things you will need to do so.


There are a number of documents you must present along with your application. You must present proof of citizenship, either a birth certificate or other document establishing residency. You must also provide tax returns listing your income for the previous year, which helps determine your income status. If you have medical records regarding your condition, such as diagnoses, treatments, or surgeries, include them in your application as well.

Personal information

The SSA seeks information on you, your work history, and your medical condition. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your name, Social Security number, and place and date of birth. This information is also required for your spouse, whether current or former. If you have children under age 18, also provide their names and dates of birth.

You will also need your employer’s information, including their address. Income information is also required, such as how much you earned during the current year and previous year. If you had more than one job, you must provide the same information for each one.

As for your medical condition, your application must include contact information for doctors and clinics providing your care. If you are taking medication, list the names and the prescriber.

If the SSA denies your initial application, you can file an appeal. Make sure you file your appeal in a timely manner and follow the necessary guidelines to ensure the SSA accepts it.


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